Saturday, February 24, 2007

Answers on Christianity

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Who Is Jesus? (Who Jesus Christ Is ) (( Isn't)) ( kindstuffsearch)

Am I "saved"? (compilation article) (Verses)(Romans)(search)

Who Is Christian (love is a deciding factor) (search)

What do Christians believe (Nicene creed- Catholic creed) (mobile)

Creationism (meaning greater than actual how) (search)

What Is Baptism (bible on Baptism) (search)

What does God demand of us (demands of God) (search)

Why the Cross was needed (Salvation once) (proof)

Sin a symptom? (Roman's1) (roman's14 doubt)

God and prayer (James God/motives)

persecuted (crosswalk) (reward) (search kindstuffsearch)

Obediance (Crosswalk) (local)obediance ("fathers")

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